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One area I have found common to humankind is the desire to have purposeful impact. Whether I have worked in the US, India, Canada, Singapore or Russia, I have found that people crave purpose in their work. From my perspective, it is then fair to conclude that the organization is an entity where individuals ought to be able to contribute through meaningful work. In other words, human beings should be able to come to our organizational settings to live out their need for meaning and purpose by making a difference.

There is a reason I repeat that twice. Most of the time, people seem to experience our organizations and leadership so differently than that vision. All too often, we see employees expressing that they feel limited or oppressed, underappreciated or devalued, or even more directly rejected for who they are and what they have to offer. Also, people experience our organizations as being more interested in profitability and the “bottom line” over people. What do you think?

Let me ask you a few questions at this point: Do our organizations really need to be run in such a way where cost-effectiveness and valuing employees appear to be mutually exclusive or polar opposite? What is the cost to the bottom line of demotivated people who don’t feel they can make an impact? Is cutting leadership and people development perhaps costing us more than it is saving us?

Leadership and organizational development disciplines are fairly new to us and we are discovering so much about both of them. Today’s leadership and organizational models for success are quite different than they were in the early 1900s and yet many of us and our organizations are still operating using old frameworks for leading and organizing.

Our leadership is best expressed when it is life giving to others and has a positive influence on them. We are finding that leadership and influence can be learned, and it is not solely “born” into a person. Does this give you hope?Leadership that is life giving also adds to organizational life. Life is vitality, functioning, and leads to growth and renewal. Isn’t that exactly what our organizations need today? Isn’t that what we need to be contributing as leaders to the organization, life giving leadership?

Our organizations are being challenged to emerge faster than any point in history! I am guessing you are experiencing that dynamic. The way you lead and influence is a key element of keeping up and being progressive in today’s economy. How you lead is a vital piece of being able to secure the right talent for the right amount of time.

Today, we are left with no other choice than to “tune up” our leadership and our organizational life in order to be effective in this economy. We need to use more progressive understandings of how to lead and organize to be successful. Whether you lead as an administrator, supervisor or coordinator, director or manager, or executive, your ability to positively lead and influence others is important. Would you contact me for a free of charge teleconference to discuss your latest leadership or organizational dream or challenge? I believe we can plot a course to improve your future.



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