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Along with you, I believe in the work of God in and through our ministries and churches today. I see these settings as having the opportunity to significantly influence people in important principles and values that are necessary for success in life. Out of a desire to invest in people in this way, I’ve worked on staff and/or served in a number of churches and ministries. Even today, I serve by developing leaders in my local church.

Our churches and ministries ought to be “hope-giving” and “life-giving” environments that keep this vision of investing in people in mind. All too often, people experience our atmospheres differently. At present, I’m sorry to say that in general these settings have a reputation for being poorly managed, organized, and led, which ends up hurting people – leaving distaste for church or ministry life. Oftentimes, rather than feeling developed or invested in, people are hurt by our inability to reconcile conflicts or care for individuals in need.

Consider these questions: Is your church or ministry growth not what you hoped? How would you rate your setting in investing in and caring for people?Are you feeling constant pressure to perform and attend to others without getting time out for yourself? Are you and your leaders sharing a common or different vision? Is your retention rate for attendees, leaders, and/or staff reflective of a “revolving door?” Are there chronic issues that defy resolution? Is volunteerism too low or too uncommitted to support ministry needs? Is there unresolved conflict or are there relational “undercurrents” hindering progress?Are financial concerns present or on the horizon? Are you confused about how to lead amongst these trends?

With your responses in mind, it may be time to consider a leadership “tune up.” My prompting and passion is to invest the gifts and skills God has given me into our churches and ministries. God is renewing our understandings of leadership and organizational life just like he renews us individually. These two disciplines are fairly new to us and we are discovering so much about both of them. Many of today’s leadership and organizational models are more closely aligned than ever with Godly principles and values, and are quite different than they were in the early 1900s, and yet many of us, in our ministry systems, are still operating using old frameworks for leading and managing people. Our ministries can benefit from these new understandings and help us to become God’s very best!

We are finding more and more that leadership and influence can be learned, and it is not solely “born” into a person. Does this give you hope? It should. Our leadership success is best expressed when it is “life-giving” to others and has a positive influence on those we lead. Life is defined as vitality, functioning, and leads to growth and renewal. Isn’t life-giving leadership what we desire? Isn’t that exactly what our churches and ministries as well as the communities surrounding us need today? As a life-giving leader, Godly success can come to your church or ministry as a bi-product of life-giving leadership.

I believe that the health and functioning of our churches and ministries are areas today that need attention and focus. My hope is to see our ministries and churches receive increasing respect because of the impact they are having upon the community/world. I believe, together with you, that God has the power and strength to take our work to a greater degree of transformation. Oftentimes, it can be wise to bring someone alongside of your leadership to assess and help with areas that may hinder achieving the next level of growth. I hope to assist church and ministry leaders to identify these areas within their organizations and to increasingly deal with them before they become significant problems. My roles include consultant, coach, facilitator, trainer, and conciliator. The services I offer include leadership and church/ministry assessing, diagnosis, intervention, and staff/leadership and team development. The assessment processes I use include both quantitative (numbers/facts) and qualitative (dialogue/story) information. My diagnoses are founded on key principles and then I bring in theory and research to facilitate understanding. My intervention techniques are interactive, experiential, and practical. Past clients say that I work in a way that builds the trust and confidence of many people – even those involved in polarized situations.

Our churches and ministries are being challenged every day to respond to the vast changes in the world around them perhaps more quickly than any other time in history! I am guessing you are experiencing that dynamic. The way you lead and influence others is a key element in influencing and investing in the people around you. How you lead is a vital piece of being able to secure the right talent for the right positions at the right time.

Today, we are left with no other choice than to “tune up” our leadership styles and our ministry life in order to be effective for God. We need to use more progressive Godly understandings of how to lead and organize to be successful. Whether you lead as an administrator, coordinator or director, Executive Pastor, Pastor, Elder, Deacon, or other type of volunteer leader, your ability to positively lead and influence others is extremely important. Please take another step right now toward becoming more of a life-giving leader, at no cost or obligation, by contacting me for a free teleconference to discuss your latest leadership opportunities and challenges. Together with God’s help, we can assess and discuss options that will help you with future success. I look forward to hearing from you.



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