Jeanine Parolini, PhD, MBA, MA

Leadership & Organizational Development Consultant & Coach
Adjunct Faculty & Thesis/Dissertation Adviser
1321 Lake Drive West, Suite 308 Chanhassen, MN 55317
651.295.6044 (cell)
Skype: 952.236.4392 or jeanineparolini

CV and Resume

I am available to speak on a variety of topics. Listed below are examples of my consulting and training engagements:

Conflict Coaching, Conciliation, and Intervention
Get help with issues that keep your team or organization stuck, and train your team in how to work through conflict at the same time.

Interactive and Experiential Training Sessions
Meet adults in how they learn with active, practical, and engaging sessions.

Customized Staff and Team Development
Have Jeanine create a customized program that will meet your specific needs.

Leadership/Organizational Development
Assessment, diagnosis, and intervention in leadership and organizational issues to overcome obstacles and facilitate growth.

Emotional Health and Intelligence
Develop yourself, others and your organization as a whole in the important art of recognizing, maneuvering, and regulating emotions in personal and professional settings so that interactions are effective and productive.

Strengths Coaching
Become conscious of your individual strengths and the strengths of your
team/group to maximize relationships and performance by using your strengths instead of merely managing your weaknesses.

Conflict Management and Conciliation
Individual and organizational conflict is very costly, but when managed well, conflict can result in new ideas, more informed decision making, improved relationships, and superior performance.

Conflict Coaching
As a supervisor or peer, learn to coach others through conflict to enhance relationships and performance.

Life Skills
Gain a holistic view of your unique talents, passions, values, abilities, personality, and experiences and how they work together to give your life meaning and purpose. Life skills training can be brought into team and organizational settings to improve relationships and performance.

Team Building
Improve team performance through building relationships in the midst of accomplishing the task.

Enrich your understanding of yourself and others to invite others to the next step of growth.

Learn and implement the tools of listening, seeking to understand, accepting, and speaking truth to others to improve one to one and team relationships.

Time Management
Values and principles can be the foundational measure for maneuvering through overwhelming demands and the stress of daily pressures.

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