Jeanine Parolini, PhD, Consultant, Trainer/Speaker, MBA Program Director, Coach, Professor, and Author

Jeanine’s passion is to invest in people, leaders, teams and organizations. She has invested in thousands of people and leaders in hundreds of organizations from various sectors throughout the globe. She consults with and coaches people, leaders, teams and organizations to be continuous learners, self-aware, emotionally healthy, trustworthy, responsible, collaborative, inclusive, empowering and innovative. Dr. Parolini is the MBA Program Director and a teaching partner, dissertation adviser and leadership coach at Bethel University.

Awarded the Bethel University CAPS/GS 2019 Faculty Excellence of the Year

Her experiences include 12 years in corporate strategic sales and business consulting, 9 years in key staff positions at two Midwestern megachurches, 26 years in consulting and coaching, and 17 years in teaching. Additionally, she has invested 31 years in key volunteer roles including leadership and team development. She speaks and writes on a variety of creative and compelling topics. Jeanine’s book Transformational Servant Leadership is available for purchase and she has published a number of articles and a dissertation available online or through your library.

TEDx Bethel University – cancelled due to Covid yet Dr. Parolini shares her insights with us

This event provides a forum in which extraordinary thinkers and doers share their Vision with the world. TEDx Bethel University was to be a multidisciplinary event that covered an eclectic set of topics to inspire participants to engage with diverse perspectives, unique ideas, and challenging insights all centered around the theme of Vision.

Dr. Parolini’s Topic: The Meaning Mindset

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