Our Discomfort with Discomfort: Part II

The most difficult area of our hearts to deal with in the midst of distress is our insecurity. Discomfort presses in on us and causes us to feel apprehensive. It appears to be another person or a situation that has caused us to feel insecure. Rather than look to the other person or the situation, what we need to reflect upon is our uncertainty and give it over to God. What happened? How did it cause insecurity? How can we move toward God in our anxiety and find more inner security with Him?

Rather than blame a person or a situation, if we look within and up to God, we can continue to remove the denial in our lives that says we don’t need God. Actually, we always need God to heal the uncertainty in our hearts, especially during times of distress (Philippians 4:6-9). Letting God know we need Him and surrendering ourselves to Him moves us from insecurity to inner security. Our inner security is found in Him.

Dealing with insecurity is such a normal part of the human condition that we ought to discuss it more in our Christian circles. At the same time, facing our uncertainty can deepen our need for God and therefore our relationship with Him. So it is something that we want to engage in and embrace.

Insecurity requires faith to overcome it. Faith is unseen but it is a real antidote for insecurity. Faith needs to be acted upon (James 2:17). When God is trying to speak to us and we don’t seek to understand Him or His words or we get distracted, we are not able to bear the fruit that God intended (Matthew 13:18-23). Our times of insecurity are the moments to enact our faith by letting God know we need Him and surrendering to His presence, over and over again.

Question for discussion: What creates insecurity in you? How do you manage it? How will you manage it in your future?

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