Soul Leaders (not Sole or Solo Leaders)

Soul Leaders (not Sole or Solo Leaders)

By Dr. Jeanine Parolini

Deep within each loved one lives the life of His soul

Each one is precious, each one is few

Discovery of their soul is His journey for you


Each one has gifts, talents, and type

Each one is precious in his sight

Find their uniqueness and call it out

Help them become rather than run about


Where many are gathered, He is there

The soul of the group is the way of the future

But each precious one needs great nurture


Those that gather together have many choices

One may lead down or many may have voices

Beware great leaders how you choose

Stifle the soul and you will lose


Call out the souls of many, inside and out

Call out the hearts so there may be dancing about

Call out the minds so wholeness starts

Let not your workers be divided in parts


Teach them to dance, great leaders

Care for those that have been entrusted to you

Lead and love so they will be known

Let not your agenda be your own


One that follows this ancient wisdom will not do as she pleases,

Instead he will lead like our great leader Jesus.


Question for discussion: How does this impact the way you will lead in your future?

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