God is Present by Dr. Jeanine Parolini: Part Two

Having God present means everything! With God present, I am never alone. That has a calming effect on my anxiety, fear, impatience, sadness, and loneliness. For someone who fears rejection that leads to abandonment, it means so much to have God with me and always available. God’s presence can completely change a difficult moment into an uplifting time of possibility. God turns my inner turmoil into love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, gentleness, kindness, faithfulness, and self-control. Where else in this world, do we get to exchange our clutter for such treasure! Truly these are the most important resources in life, and they come with God’s presence.

God’s presence is also our hope! It brings hope in knowing that God is always looking out for me and I am not alone in maneuvering through this life, whatever is in my past, present and future. I have a powerful resource beyond anything I can offer because of God’s presence. His power is always available to increase my abilities, energy, influence, and impact in all my circumstances. God is available to give me what I need to push forward or to surrender when I need to. He supports me in giving over control to Him and His purposes so that I move toward Godly choices. Sometimes I need to deal with uncertainty in healthier ways or interact with an outcome in a more fruitful way. Whatever I face, God is available to enhance my resources and guide me in working it through better than I would have on my own. God’s power is part of His presence and it is available when I turn to Him for it. His presence provides the support and power to accept, push forward or pull back, and to ultimately grow to be more like Christ.

Since God is ever present, always existing and occurring, it is up to us to acknowledge Him. So He is literally available upon the asking. All we need to do is think about Him, ask Him to be with us, request Him to work in a situation or in a person’s heart, or ask Him to lead us. So thinking about God and acknowledging Him and His presence are truly underlying all of our requests. God is present with us and we mainly need to think of Him, remember Him, and ask for his support and His power. It really is that simple!

Question for discussion: How can God’s presence add value to your life right now? What is your response to this post?

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2 thoughts on “God is Present by Dr. Jeanine Parolini: Part Two

  1. Wendy Sullivan

    Thanks for posting your part 2.
    You are such a positive role model and I will try to lean on God’s presence more.
    All the best to you lovely lady.

  2. Jeanine

    Thank you Wendy for your kind words!

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