God is Present by Dr. Jeanine Parolini: Part One

The deeper I go in my Christian journey of faith, the simpler and more straightforward my thinking becomes. Through a recent trial in life, I am discovering a greater significance surrounding God’s presence. I see that God is much more available and with me than I originally thought.

God is with us. He is always present in this world and in heaven above. Psalm 139:7 explains there is nowhere to get away from God’s Spirit and presence. Psalm 16:11 encourages us that His presence brings us joy along the path of life. In Matthew 28:20, God says He will be with us to the end. Hebrews 13:5 affirms God will not only never leave us but never forsake us. God is always with us and makes His presence known to us when we talk to Him.

God’s presence means that He is here, right now. Having presence is to exist, occur, be in place, even if we don’t see Him. So often, especially during hard times, we want to see, touch, and hear God. His presence is not based upon our ability to see, touch and audibly hear. Even when things are right in front of me, I can miss them. I may fail to properly deal with people or circumstances well in the moment. Or I could avoid hearing what is said. I can’t completely count on my own understanding for the presence of someone or something. Therefore, it is vital that I believe in faith in the presence of God and that He is here upon the asking so I don’t miss Him.

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