Catching a Cheater

Fellow dating friends, My guess is we all agree that we are not interested in cheaters, right? Let’s talk about one of my more recent dates to see what we can learn together about catching a cheater… As far as I know, this is a first for me. It speaks to the increasing moral breakdown […]

SEXI Video 1: Dr Jeanine Parolini on SEXI Model Intro

Dr. Jeanine Parolini introduces her Christian dating model based upon her research that involves developing a real relationship inclusive of connecting spiritually, emotionally, with good communication and chemistry, and in common interests. Protect your heart from the pain of surface relationships and quick hook ups in order to develop a real relationship and true love. […]

Diverse Unity

The truth is that my life after Christ has been more segregated than my life before Christ. I was born in the inner-city of Chicago. My friends around me at the time were all ethnically diverse. I didn’t know any different. My family was forced out of our neighborhood and we went to live in […]