A Radiant Marriage: Part I

The breaking down of marriages in our country is having a devastating impact on the family, the community, the church, and society. Christian marriage is to model the loving relationship that Christ has toward His church. Therefore, broken Christian marriages imply to the world that Christ has a fragmented relationship with His church. Paul uses […]

Ethical Strategic Leadership

Consider listening to this podcast from a class reflection time on keeping our strategic leadership ethical. Consider key points and next steps as you pursue being a moral strategic leader. Dr. Jeanine Parolini, PhD, MBA, MA Phone: 651-295-6044 Email: jparolini@gmail.com Website: www.JeanineParolini.com Social Media: linkedin.com/in/jeanineparolini or facebook.com/jeanine.parolini

Catching a Cheater

Fellow dating friends, My guess is we all agree that we are not interested in cheaters, right? Let’s talk about one of my more recent dates to see what we can learn together about catching a cheater… As far as I know, this is a first for me. It speaks to the increasing moral breakdown […]